D'Gloss Hair Mask

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New Zealand Manuka Honey

(INCI : Honey Extract)

- DGLOSS uses New Zealand Manuka Honey with Grade UMF 10
- Known as the “treasure of New Zealand”, high graded Honey
-The therapeutic effect of Active Manuka Honey was verifiedby Dr. PeterMulan at the University of Waikado, New Zealand, its efficacy hasbeen proven has been proven
-It is honey obtained from the flowers of Manuka Species found in New Zealand and Australia. It has been used as food for 20,000 years.
- We only choose bioactive organic manuka honey to make sure that the regenerate and repairing power is the best in DGLOSS

New Zealand Colostrum

(INCI : Colostrum Extract)

-Nutrient-Rich Clean Milk originated in the pristine nature of New Zealand
-Defined as secretion within 72 hours of a cow's birth
- Colostrumis only produced from cows raised on pastures in this environment by grazing cows that have been fed only natural grasses without antibiotics, insecticides, and artificial hormones

Moringa Seed Oil

(INCI : Moringa Oleifera Seed Oil)

- The tree of life for moist, smooth and elastic skin, Moringa
- Moringa contains rich-essential fatty acids and various vitamins, it moisturizes and regenerates the skin.


- Biotinis referred to as vitamin H because it has beneficial effect on the skin and hair
- Biotinis essential for maintaining healthy skin and hair

Hyaluronic Acid

- Molecelar Weight of Sodium Hyaluronate is 1.5MDA, and it is absorbed into the skin surface and plays a role in protecting the external moisture.
- Hyaluronic Acid is highly viscous and has the effect of inducing the activation of skin cells


- Is an ionic drink for the skin to deliver moisture deep into the skin.
- It is a raw material extracted from royal jelly, brewer's yeast, wheat germ, peanut etc. It is converted into Pantothenic Acid (vitamin B5) when absorbed into skin cell.


Korean Kolmar has unique technology to develop hair care products. When developing 'nine Hair Mask the R&D Center was applied to Kolmar's high technology, which called as 'Cuticle Care Solution', to develop high quality for hair care treatment. Cuticle Care Solution is introduced by 4th steps.

1st Step

01. Complex Conditioning

D'nine Hair Treatment is applied to Complex Conditioning Ingredients (Coconut and Palm derived surfactants). Importantly, these Complex Conditioning Ingredients can remove 'waste' and 'dirt' in order to manage healthy hair and scalp. Additionally, the Complex Conditioning Ingredients tidy up 'cuticles'. And, it helps preventing'static electricity' and creating 'shiny hair.

2nd Step

02. Creating Oil Barrier

After the complex conditioning ingredients (Coconut and Palm derived surfactants) cleanse wastes and dirties on hair and scalp, Moringa Oil Barrier helps increasing hair elastic and soft. Especially, by creating an oil barrier, a soft protective film is covered around hairs. When the Oil Barrier is maintained, it is able to prevent loss of nutrients on hairs.

3rd Step

Supply Karatin

Hairs would be damaged over routine life style such as perming, dyeing, or UV exposure. After 1st and 2nd step cares, high nutrition protein should be intensively feed on damaged hairs and scalp because 99.9% of hair consists of protein. Thus, 'Keratin' (the ingredient for moisturizing and soft protein nutrition) needs to be supplied for restoring healthy hairs. It is on the nutrition balance care to manage brittle and damaged hair.

4th Step

Manuka Honey and Colostrum

Despite of 3rd step, unhealthy hairs, which were extremely damaged, still remain. Keratin can't restore all extremely damaged to health hairs. So, in 4th step, 'Manuka Honey' and 'Colostrum' intensively takes care of 'extremely damaged hairs' Manuka Honey, which is the grade of UMF 10, has the ingredients for improving immunity and curative effacement. Additionally, Colostrum has highly nutritious globulin that increases immunity and produces immune antibodies. Manuka Honey and Colostrum contain ingredients that help care filling the gaps between damaged hair cuticles and rough hair to complete smooth and health hair.

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