D'Glow Vitamin C & Mineral Plus

RM 228.00

Size: 1 D'Glow

1 D'Glow
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D'nine Shampoo

- Take proactive measures to prevent hair loss, nurturing and strengthening your locks from the roots.

- Cleanse the scalp deeply for a revitalized, healthier foundation. Activate hair and follicles, fostering an environment for sustained growth.

- Promote natural hair growth by stimulating follicles. Effectively reduce & address dandruff for a healthier scalp.

D'gloss Hair Treatment

- Revitalize and repair frizzy hair, restoring it to its natural, smooth brilliance.

- Effortlessly mend split ends, promoting healthier and more resilient hair.

- Embrace a scalp-friendly approach for a complete and harmonious hair care experience.

D'tonic Hair Booster

- Our powerful formula activates dormant hair follicles, rousing them from their slumber to kick-start the natural growth cycle.

- Deep nourishing ingredients penetrate the scalp, delivering vital nutrients that strengthen and fortify each and every strand from root to tip.

- Encouraging rapid growth for luxuriously long, thick, healthy hair that grows faster than ever before.