High-end brand from Korea Life-time choice for fashionable men and women

D’Nine is a premium hair care brand originated from Korea, a country rich in internationally renowned beauty makeup that has made countless women poised and elegant.

D’Nine, born in a top Korean factory with a gorgeous life story, represents a hair care brand created jointly by Malaysia and Korea. Its achievements are enough to make the hair care industry of Malaysia and South Korea proud.

D'Nine, a premier hair care brand, boasts of hair care products for fashionable men and women who “will not change brand after use". It is also a life-time choice of hair care brand for many men and women.

We would like to bring you the brand story of D’Nine.

Core Products

100% made in Korea, marketed by
Dawn Global Sdn Bhd

From R&D to packaging, D’Nine is 100% made in Korea. The driving force behind this premium brand is Dawn Global Sdn Bhd, the company that markets the brand 100%.

D'Nine, a high-end hair care brand jointly created by Dawn Global and a Korean manufacturer, currently offers 3 core products:

About the Company

D’Nine international hair care brand
is the pride of Malaysia

Owned by Yonnie Chen,
a reputed young female entrepreneur in Malaysia

The brand D’Nine is owned by the Malaysian company Dawn Global Sdn Bhd. This international high-end hair care brand was created in 2019 by Ms. Yonnie Chen, a pre-eminent young female entrepreneur in Malaysia.

D'Nine is 100% marketed by Dawn Global. Currently, the company has successfully crossed the border to market it in Singapore and Hong Kong. It is going to make an inroad into several Asian countries soon, with the aim of expanding the D'Nine brand to other countries and making it an international premium brand.

In order to let more fashionable men and women know and experience D’Nine, we have set up a flagship store with distinctive style and a high-end hair care outlet to facilitate user experience. They are located in the highly popular business district of Pavilion 2.

Brand Origin

A brand origin full of
sunshine and a perfect story

While Dawn Global is the company name, D’Nine is the brand name. Both names harbor deep, inspiring meanings behind them. "Dawn" represents sunrise that sees the light of day, so full of hope and sunshine.

"D'Nine" means "9", symbolizing "perfection" in numerology. By combining the two names, we hope to bring, via this high-end hair care brand, sunshine vitality to a dazzling and attractive hair quality for users.

Malaysia & Korea jointly created an inspiring brand

Yonnie Chen's product concept,
incubated by a top Korean manufacturer

Hailed as a premier and classic hair care series, D’Nine is developed by a top Korean manufacturer in accordance with the requirements of Yonnie Chen and her team. It took 2 years from R&D to finished product, and the process has been continuously optimized.

The Korean manufacturer in cooperation with us is a top Korean manufacturer in the world. In addition to CGMP and the international standard certification ISO, they also have 36 recognized and affirmed certifications and patents, and their manufacturing processes are among the best in Korea.

The Factory

Korea's top manufacturing plant

36 certifications & patents, safe and stable products

Our Korean partner’s factory, a fully automated modern manufacturing plant, boasts of an environment and facilities that comply fully with international standards, achieving a high level of hygiene and safety to ensure that all their products meet the highest quality requirements and stability.

In view of the automated mechanical production and excellent formula development, D’Nine hair care products have achieved reassuring safety and stable quality to become a well-trusted hair care series of international renown.

Brand Packaging

Exquisite fonts with aesthetic blanks

No extra materials or pictures, neat and elegant

D'Nine showcases minimalist aesthetic style

The Korean brand D'Nine has a distinct brand visual identity that commands a European and American minimalist aesthetic style, especially in its exquisite and concise packaging that is visually clean and elegant. As a gift, it readily shows the high-end exquisite taste of the giver.

The products are packaged in high-quality plastic, and the outer box is made of hard paper with rich texture. The design displays a visually soothing and unique font, with a milky white space. Overall, there are no redundant materials or pictures, giving it a simple, neat appearance.

*We use recyclable materials for our product packaging, which is in line with the spirit of environmental protection.

D’Nine Flagship Store

D'Nine flagship store with
European minimalist style

High-end display & lighting for that boutique feeling

As a renowned Korean hair care brand, D’Nine specially set up a flagship store in a well-known business district in Kuala Lumpur, in which the interior decoration matches the visual style of the brand, flaunting a European and American minimalist style. This is undeniably the flagship store of the D'Nine brand. It boasts of high-end boutique display, tasteful lighting, and an impressive blank space, giving the immersive feeling of being in the world's top boutique flagship store.

Hair Care

Serving only one customer at a time

Experiencing the luxury of privacy

Our flagship store has a hair care treatment room where customers by appointment can experience D’Nine high-end hair care products in person.

The treatment room is equipped with comfortable and elegant facilities as well as electronic massage equipment for hair care, refreshments etc. The treatment room only serves one customer at a time, allowing customers to enjoy distinguished privacy and the atmosphere of high-end hair care.